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About us

Enterprise mission

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Enterprise mission: to create excellent manufacturers of OLED display

Enterprise goal: Innovation is performed earnestly, to achieve development through competition.

Enterprise philosophy: Meet the challenge, be brave in innovation, be optimistic and positive, never give up, go beyond ourselves and pursue excellence.

Enterprise culture: Be people-oriented, focus on sustainable development; behavior is determined by attitude; character is formed by behavior; destiny is determined by character.

Enterprise spirit of the Company

  Unite as one| pragmatic progress | blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit | Integrity and efficiency | pursue excellence.

  We explore scientific knowledge in the new century and create competitive new and high-quality products by means of the team spirit of "both the higher and lower levels are united as one"; we promise to customers that we think what the customers think, worry what the customers worry, strive to reduce customer costs, and provide customers with efficient services; we have a common mentality of "striving for perfection and pursuing excellence".

Quality Policy of the Company

  Perform the comprehensive quality control, implement the system and provide the quality required by customers;

  Timely handle with total involvement to achieve the goal of zero defects.

  Start from me, strengthen personal responsibility, ensure quality of product, always consider what the customers think of; all staff participate in continuous self-criticism and timely improvement, maintain ISO9001:2008 quality management and assurance system, taking quality as the first operating pillar, and pursue zero defects.

Business philosophy of the Company

Based on high-quality management talents; | cultivate teamwork; | perform employee quality training earnestly; | realize the standards of product quality.

Enterprise mission