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What is the difference between an OLED LCD screen and a TFT LCD screen?

What is the difference between an OLED LCD screen and a TFT LCD screen?

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OLED relies on self-illumination to display images. It does not need to use backlights and is not affected by ambient light. The life expectancy is about 5000 times. TFT is an active matrix liquid crystal. It needs to use the brightness of the backlight to display images. Light effects, the general life expectancy is around 20,000 times.

OLED LCD screen

OLED organic light-emitting display is essentially different from traditional LCD display, that is, it does not require a backlight. It uses a very thin coating of organic materials and a glass substrate. When there is current, these organic materials will emit light. Therefore, the OLED liquid crystal panel can be made lighter and thinner, has a larger viewing angle, and is also more power-saving. However, the service life is short and the screen cannot be made larger. OLEDs are mostly used for folding mobile phone external screens.

What is the difference between OLED LCD screen and TFT LCD screen?

TFT LCD screen

The abbreviation of TFT thin film transistor is the current top material LCD screen, which is an active matrix type LCD screen with special lamps on the back, which can "actively" control the individual pixels on the screen. This is our It is often said that the active matrix TFT has a relatively fast response time of about 80 milliseconds, and has a large viewing angle, usually reaching about 130 degrees, and is used in some high-end models. Since the arrangement of the TFT liquid crystal screen has memory, it does not immediately return to its original state after the current disappears, thereby effectively improving the ability to play a dynamic picture. The disadvantage is that it consumes more power and the manufacturing cost is higher.

The OLED color screen is 30% more expensive than the purchase price of the same size TFT color screen! The biggest difference between the true color OLED screen and the TFT screen is that the OLED true color screen has a relatively high screen contrast and a more full color reproduction degree, backlighting and brightness. OLED true color screen is better than TFT screen.

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