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What parts of the OLED display are made up of?

What parts of the OLED display are made up of?

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OLED display is an application of OEL display technology. In the past ten years, more and more scientific research forces have invested in the research and development of OLED technology, and the OLED display structure and OLED display technology have become more mature.

OLED display components:

Base layer (transparent plastic, glass, metal foil) - the base layer is used to support the entire OLED.

Anode (transparent) - The anode eliminates electrons (increasing electron holes) as current flows through the device.

Organic layer - The organic layer is composed of organic molecules or organic polymers.

OLED display components

Conductive layer - This layer consists of organic plastic molecules that transport holes from the anode. Polyaniline can be used as the conductive polymer of the OLED.

Emissive layer - This layer consists of organic plastic molecules (different from the conductive layer) that transport electrons from the cathode; the luminescence process takes place at this layer. Polyfluorene can be used as the emissive layer polymer.

The cathode (which may be transparent or opaque, depending on the type of OLED) - the cathode will inject electrons into the circuit when current is flowing through the device.

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