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Tuowei Xingye Technology wishes everyone a happy New Year!

Tuowei Xingye Technology wishes everyone a happy New Year!

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It’s a new year. It’s a new year on January 1st, 2019. In the past year, we have gone through laughter and sweetness; we laugh and cry, but more are happy. Satisfied; we have flesh and blood, because we love the world, blood and flesh. We are all looking forward to living our old and traditional festivals – the New Year!

Tuowei Xingye Technology wishes everyone a happy New Year!

New Year's Day: After the Revolution of 1911, in order to "go the Xia Zheng, so when the farmer went to the farm, from the Western calendar, to make statistics", the first year of the Republic of China decided to use the Gregorian calendar (actual use is 1912), and stipulates that the solar calendar January 1 is "New Year". But it is not called "New Year's Day." In 1949, the People's Republic of China took the January 1st of the Gregorian calendar as New Year's Day. Therefore, New Year's Day is also known as the "Year of the Gregorian Calendar" or the "Gregorian Year" in China.

Dear customers, friends in the industry, and family members who are quietly paying behind us, Tuowei Xingye Technology wishes everyone a happy new year, always a good mood! Wine, 2018 grateful to have you, we have created brilliant together, Tuowei Xingye Technology As a brand that everyone can trust, we will continue to bring you more professional technology and services.

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