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Why are OLED screen lights so competitive?

Why are OLED screen lights so competitive?

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Mentioned OLED screen lights, we may not be very familiar with many consumers, because this kind of lamps are not popularized after all, but the magical effect of oled lamps will lead the future development of the lighting industry. Why? Tiny editors talk to you about the current competitive advantages of OLED displays .

Why are OLED screen lights so competitive?

Most of the applications we use today are led lamps, which are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, so they are very popular in the market, but such lamps also have their own shortcomings. For example, LED lamps will have a large amount of blue light. This kind of blue light is very detrimental to our health. In some cases, led lights will affect the level of our neurotransmitters and dopamine, which will affect our sleep quality. There is still room for further improvement in life.

Today, the oled lamp mentioned is an organic light-emitting diode, which realizes that the light is softer so that it does not harm our vision, and it does not affect our health. More importantly, its service life is greatly improved. It is dozens of times that led lamps.

Officially because of this, it stimulates the continuous increase of the market sales of products, but after all, this oled lamp is just emerging in some western countries, and it has not yet been popularized. As for China, it is relatively late, so the future lamps are more and more oled. It is replaced by lamps that are energy-saving, greener, healthier, better in illumination and longer in life. I believe that its appearance will bring us more fun.

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