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OLED screens are the main culprit in shortening the life of new iPhone batteries?

OLED screens are the main culprit in shortening the life of new iPhone batteries?

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The latest study showed that led to a new generation of iPhone battery life (life) is shortened culprit OLED display screen.

There are many factors that affect battery life, such as the application used, wireless connection, and screen brightness. But the latest study shows that the main reason for the shortened life of the new generation of iPhone batteries is the OLED screens they use .

OLED screens are the main culprit in shortening the life of new iPhone batteries?

According to Geoffery Fowler, a technology analyst at the Washington Post, the battery life of high-end smartphones like the iPhone is shortening from generation to generation. Obviously, this is contrary to people's conventional cognition. It is generally believed that all technological products are constantly improving in all aspects after each generation of upgrades.

But in fact, Fowler found in his latest test that his iPhone XS battery's "Benchmark Standard" score is lower than last year's iPhone X. At the same time, many other technology journalists have found similar problems.

Fowler then contacted other technology testers from the technology information website CNET, Consumer Reports and the high-tech product guide website Tom's Guide to explore what caused the new phone battery life to become shorter in everyday use.

These testers used different test techniques, but in the end they came to the same conclusion: the OLED screen used in the new phone is the culprit.

The stunning OLED screens used in the iPhone XS and XS Max are really eye-catching. But compared to traditional LCD screens, OLED screens consume more power. At the same time, this extra power is beyond the power saved by battery technology improvements.

Nadim Maluf, CEO of battery optimization technology company Qnovo, said: "Battery technology improvements are very slow, with only about 5% improvement per year. By comparison, mobile phone power consumption has increased more than 5%."

This is why the iPhone XR battery has a long life because it uses an LCD screen instead of the OLED screen used by the iPhone XS and XS Max. In addition, although the iPhone XR has a larger screen size than the iPhone XS, the test found that the iPhone XR has a battery life that is three hours longer than the iPhone XS.

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