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OLED screens are not popular, people only love LCD screens?

OLED screens are not popular, people only love LCD screens?

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LCD is never a slave! Why do so many people hate mobile phones that use OLED screens ? I don’t know if you know that LCDs are never slaves. In fact, Xiao Zhi was also confused when he first heard it. This sentence is from the mouth of some people who hate OLED screen phones. We all know that the current mobile phone screen material is basically divided into two types, one is LCD, and the other is OLED display .

OLED screens are not popular, people only love LCD screens?

Now there is a very strange phenomenon, that is, as long as it is a medium and high-end mobile phone, it basically uses an OLED screen, and manufacturers will regard it as a major selling point to promote. Obviously, from this level, the OLED screen should be higher and better than the LCD screen.

Then the problem is coming. In this case, why do so many people hate OLED screens and only love LCD screens? To figure out this problem, we must understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two screens. LCD screens are also commonly known as hard screens, and OLED screens are higher-priced flexible screens. At the same time, the LCD itself does not have illuminating characteristics, so a backlight module must be used to illuminate. The OLED screen can emit light autonomously without a backlight module due to its own characteristics.

The advantage of OLED screens over LCD screens is that their self-illuminating features consume less power and can make the phone more power efficient to increase battery life. At the same time, because the OLED screen has ultra-thin and flexible characteristics, it can make the mobile phone lighter and thinner, and at the same time, the frame is greatly reduced after folding, so that the mobile phone screen has a higher proportion.

At the same time, the OLED screen has lower delay, more vivid colors, wider viewing angle and higher contrast. The OLED is obviously more attractive than the LCD in visual effect. The OLED screen can achieve the purest black when displaying the black interface. From this point of view, OLED screens are almost all advantages. Why are there so many people who want to pursue LCD screens that look outdated?

That's because the shortcomings of OLED screens are also very obvious. Xiaozhi said to everyone before, and one of the shortcomings that many people know is burning screens. Due to the self-luminous characteristics of the OLED screen, the same picture will be displayed for a long time, which will cause the luminescent pigment to attenuate and form a residue on the screen. Then the mobile phone will have problems such as color cast, residual image, and reduced brightness.

Compared with burning screens, OLED screens have one of the most serious defects, namely low-frequency flash, commonly known as splash screen. The strobe range of low health risk should be above 1250Hz, while the OLED screen strobe of mobile phone is only 240Hz. This PWM dimming mode adjusts the brightness by using the visual residual of the human eye to change the brightness. The screen eyes will be very tired and become "spicy eyes."

In addition, in addition to Samsung's top OLED screen resolution of 2K, the other is 1080P, due to the special pixel P arrangement of the OLED screen, the 1080P resolution of the OLED screen display clarity is much worse than the LCD, the classic " The big fruit grain screen is like this. Having said that, Xiao Zhi believes that everyone should also understand why some people hate mobile phones with OLED screens.

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