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Is the OLED night light good?

Is the OLED night light good?

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Now many countries in the West are taking the lead in using oled luminaires. The advent of such luminaires has brought the development of the luminaire industry to a new stage of development, and the world has spread. Although the technology started late in China, it has also developed rapidly. So what are the characteristics of the oled lamp? Let us listen to the extension of the technical staff to analyze it.

What are the characteristics of OLED lamps?

1. As a new type of luminaire, the Oled lamp has the characteristics of a true planar light source, achieving the natural advantage of uniform and soft light distribution.

2, oled lamp realizes low-voltage DC drive, and does not contain toxic substances such as mercury, material external radiation, high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection and safety.

3, oled lamp has the characteristics of light, thin and transparent, with outstanding impact and shock resistance, high temperature, 80 degrees, and longer life.

4, even and soft light is the most ideal light source to protect the eyes.

5, oled lamp achieves double-sided illumination, so a variety of colors can be selected.

6. The oled lamp has soft and curved characteristics, so it is made into a light source of various shapes to create a dreamlike feeling.

7, its production process is simple, so in some inkjet printing, screen printing and other large-area light source applications are very prominent, which is also an effective guarantee to improve product sales.

It is these outstanding features that make the sales of oled lamp products continue to increase, and there are more development opportunities and broad development space, which also brings us more fun experience.

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