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Once the LCD screen was so hot, why did it fail to OLED?

Once the LCD screen was so hot, why did it fail to OLED?

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Tuo Xiaobian today to share a once LCD screen so hot, why will it be lost to OLED? To understand the current trends in the OLED display industry, friends who care about the electronics industry should be clear, LCD screen is more and more "Unpopular" does not mean that the LCD screen is particularly bad. On the contrary, some people are still more accustomed to the LCD's comfortable and comfortable look. The unpopularity mentioned here is relative to the enterprise, because the popularity of OLED screens is far faster than our imagination. The inherent natural characteristics of OLEDs make the selling point of terminal equipment more diverse, and LCD is now difficult to catch up with. Circumstance.

Once the LCD screen was so hot, why did it fail to OLED?

The biggest technical difference between OLED and LCD is actually "self-illumination" or not. It is very clear from the above picture. The structure of OLED is simpler. Each pixel can control itself. When it is illuminated, it will not emit light (such as display). In the dark color, the OLED is all black, and the LCD screen is still full of light. This is essentially different, and the natural technical barriers of OLED and LCD are formed: 俺 OLED is thinner than your LCD! 俺 OLED is able to bend and stretch! The contrast and color gamut of OLED is higher than your LCD!

Small and medium-sized OLED screens will be more and more popular in the market. As manufacturers continue to make technical adjustments and adopt OLED screen devices, the color display effect is no longer a “shadowed makeup” and the response speed of OLED screens. Faster than LCD, enough to form the experience of "OLED screen operation is more docile and more handy" experience.

After the background is finished, let's talk about the exact advantages of the OLED screen. The most fascinating part of the OLED is that there is no need for a backlight module. The relatively simple screen structure can make more room for the thickness of the terminal device. The advantages of blowing in front of the LCD are just a few: ultra-thin, power-saving, wide color gamut, bendable, wide viewing angle.

LCDs have been playing defensive battles all the time. The two most reliable shields are "cheap" and "long life". On the smartphone terminal, the pixels of the LCD screen are limited due to the limited screen size and the resolution. The arrangement is more "tight" than OLED, which in turn leads to a new shield for LCD - fineness. However, by 2017, 2K resolution OLED screens will gradually be adopted by more manufacturers. Although this year's mobile phone industry is sung, the price is high, but as long as the materials are of high quality, the products are worth the price, and the user pays a few hundred dollars. Willingly. As a result, the shield of the LCD has not cracked down in two years.

Among the several advantages of OLEDs relative to LCDs, the most mysterious is "power saving", because the characteristics of OLED self-illumination have been targeted by many manufacturers and blown, and marketing has been too hard, causing many users to think of OLED. The screen saves a lot of illusion than the LCD. In fact, this power saving is a prerequisite. It shows that the duration of the black screen is the key, and it is full of randomness. I have done dozens of mobile phone experience videos myself, and the battery life test has been done hundreds of times. The OLED screen is really not. It must be more power efficient than the LCD. Well, in this dimension, I think LCD is a defensive success.

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