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Samsung's ten years of "hidden tolerance" waiting for the OLED display industry to flourish

Samsung's ten years of "hidden tolerance" waiting for the OLED display industry to flourish

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The development of small and medium-sized OLED displays is prosperous. In addition to Samsung's precise strategic vision, there are many years of "hidden" precipitation.

The so-called "ten years of the decade", in 2007, Samsung's OLED screen successfully achieved mass production, and the world's first release, but it is not shocking. In the past ten years, the battle for the Red Sea in the mobile phone market has intensified. Samsung has never given up its investment in OLEDs, and persists in innovative R&D and industrial applications. Today, Samsung's OLED screen has finally become the leader in the upstream industry of mobile phones with its advantages of bright colors, vivid imaging and longer standby time.

Last year, SAMSUNG DISPLAY executives of Samsung's main panel business once said, "In 2017, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and OPPO will launch OLED mobile phones. The production of small and medium-sized OLED panels will increase significantly in 2017."

Samsung's ten years of "hidden tolerance" waiting for the OLED display industry to flourish

Today, this prophecy has also become a reality.

It is precisely because of Samsung's "hidden forbearance" for many years that it has promoted the technology upgrade of mobile phone screen from LCD to OLED, bringing the explosive popularity of OLED today, making it a major trend in the mobile phone industry, which has triggered a new round of mobile phone products. Technological change.

With the advent of the era of mass consumption upgrades, the operability and experience of mobile phone screens will be the “life gate” that no mobile phone manufacturer can ignore. Facing the future, Samsung's "Hidden Tolerance" and its OLED screen explosion have provided a good development model for Chinese mobile phone brands. Only by making more fuss about the forward-looking layout and the innovation of R&D, can we accelerate the Chinese mobile phone brand to go abroad and become the "Chinese power" in the world mobile phone market.

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