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What are the advantages of today's OLED technology?

What are the advantages of today's OLED technology?

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OLED displays in the future will have a good chance of not encounter, then for it, you know how much? Today Tinto micro small series to talk about what are the advantages of OLED technology.

What are the advantages of today's OLED technology?

Advantages of OLED display:

1, the thickness can be less than 1 mm, only 1/3 of the LCD screen, and the weight is also lighter;

2, solid state mechanism, no liquid material, so the seismic performance is better, not afraid of falling;

3, there is almost no problem of viewing angle, even if viewed under a large viewing angle, the picture is still not distorted;

4, the response time is one thousandth of the LCD, showing that there is absolutely no smear phenomenon in the moving picture;

5, low temperature characteristics, can still display normally at minus 40 degrees, and LCD can not do;

6. The manufacturing process is simple and the cost is lower;

7, the luminous efficiency is higher, the energy consumption is lower than the LCD;

8. It can be fabricated on substrates of different materials, and can be made into a flexible display that can be bent.

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