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OLED TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper. Is it worth buying?

OLED TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper. Is it worth buying?

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The development of science and technology has made people's lives simple and rich, and the way to get video entertainment information is even more varied. I am afraid that the younger generation will be more inclined to look at their favorite shows on the tablet or mobile phone, except for the grandparents who will watch the TV on the TV. This change came so suddenly, it almost made the TV exit the historical stage and became the "background wall" of the living room.

OLED TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper. Is it worth buying?

Coincidentally, there are many friends who call themselves "middle class" who want to change a good TV, but they are still confused about the emerging display technologies. In view of the fact that many people are confused on the choice of traditional LCD TVs or OLED TVs, OLED TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper. Is it worth buying?

Although many people seem to have a clear understanding of the differences between LCD and OLED technologies, the difference between these two technologies is not as simple as imagined. Considering that more and more people are still struggling to buy OLED or LCD, today I am from 1. lightness, 2. color, 3. black field performance, 4. response time, 5.HDR effect, 6. visible Angles, 7. Price and other technical dimensions are analyzed one by one, the purpose is to let everyone really understand what their needs are, and make the most suitable decision for themselves when purchasing.

First, we need to know that LCD and OLED are two completely different display technologies. There are essential differences between the two in the principle of luminescence, and the differentiation of these "innate" leads to the mutual complementarity between the two types of TV products. The comparison between the two is as follows:

1. Streamlined module architecture makes OLEDs have obvious advantages in terms of lightness and thinness

2. Due to the thin and light "screen sound", this black technology can only be realized by OLED.

3. Black field performance: OLED wins

4. Response time: OLED wins

5.HDR effect: no matter what

6. Viewing angle: OLED wins

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