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Oled industrial control display, what are its characteristics?

Oled industrial control display, what are its characteristics?

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With the development of industry and technology, "intelligence" has become an important direction for the transformation of the industrial industry. oled display industrial applications starting more and more widely, mainly used in industrial automation show, military, industrial handheld devices, medical, smart home and other areas, it is based on professional display technology requirements of the equipment and the design and production of its display The requirements of the screen are high. The industrial LCD screen has high standard requirements for service life, performance and technical support. With excellent performance, it has been widely recognized and is the highest-end and ideal LCD screen.

Oled industrial control display, what are its characteristics?

The oled industrial display has the following features:

1. Industrial LCD screens are extremely demanding in material selection to ensure high specifications in the industrial market.

2, high brightness, with high brightness of 500 ~ 3000cd / m2, high contrast of 3000: 1.

3, high definition, single screen up to 1080P, high color saturation up to 92%.

4, high service life, long battery life, continuous work 24 hours a day, the service life of up to 5-10 years.

5, strong stability, ultra-wide viewing angle (horizontal and vertical 178 degrees).

6, small size, light weight, large display area.

7, with a high stability of the picture, the display is very fine.

8. Advantages of no radiation, low energy consumption and energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with CRT monitors, LCDs consume only one-third of the power consumed by CRTs.

9, the thickness is thinner, important and lighter, greatly saving the use of space, is advanced, high-end LCD screen.

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