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How is the development of domestic oled lighting?

How is the development of domestic oled lighting?

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As an emerging oled lighting industry has won the market with its outstanding features, the industry has shown a booming development, product sales continue to increase, product visibility and influence is greatly enhanced. Nowadays, Western markets such as Europe and the United States are developing very rapidly. The mainstream trend of lighting in the future will be oled lighting. So what is the development status of domestic oled lighting?

Domestic oled lighting technology is lagging behind western developed countries, but as a huge market attracts the development of oled products, so China's future market will be very huge, and China's oled lighting will usher in a new stage of development.

However, it should not be overlooked that China's oled lighting is weak in the domestic industrial chain, lack of supporting capabilities in the industry, lack of talents in the photoelectric display, especially the lack of production management talents, industry standards and resources to be strengthened, and more production equipment relying on imports. The operational risks are more prominent and other adverse factors, so the development of oled lighting in China is relatively slow.

In order to speed up the development of China's oled lighting technology and narrow the gap with developed countries, we must further improve the technology, especially in terms of luminous efficiency, service life and display quality, so that China's technology can rapidly improve its competitiveness. Occupy your own market. Faced with China's vast development market, many foreign companies are paying attention to the dynamic development of the Chinese market. Chinese companies should also adapt to the trend of the times to strengthen development and promote the better development of China's oled lighting.

How is the development of domestic oled lighting?

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