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Is the OLED display used in the iPhone X really good?

Is the OLED display used in the iPhone X really good?

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OLED screens are also not perfect. This technology still has problems such as burn-in, color shift, etc., which burns the screen (in other words, if the display shows a still image for a long time, it will leave a residue. Shadow) is not the exclusive short board of the OLED screen. This problem also exists in the traditional LCD screen.

However, the burn-in problem of the OLED screen may greatly reduce the life of the screen. In response to this, Apple has added a solution to this problem in order to extend the life of the OLED, and has raised this code to a system-level level, which can effectively alleviate the problem of "burning the screen" on the screen. It can be seen from the previously exposed iOS 11 status bar that the status bar of iPhoneX will show dynamic effects at different times, although this pixel-level fine-tuning is not felt by the human eye, but to protect the OLED screen and reduce the screen aging problem. Said that the help brought by this change is undoubtedly huge.

Is the OLED display on the iPhone X really good?

It is learned that will be used for edge-to-edge display for the iPhone X screen, OLED display screen will have a great room to maneuver on this device, and the screen display to a whole new level.

For example, an iPhone X with an OLED screen will have an Always On function similar to the Samsung Galaxy series, which allows the screen to always display information such as time, power, date, etc. at very low power consumption. However, the existing LCD screen cannot do this because the LCD screen needs to illuminate the entire screen to realize the display function, which is very expensive for the device.

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