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What exactly is the OLED display?

What exactly is the OLED display?

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The OLED scientific name is "organic light-emitting diode" is an organic self-luminous material, which makes the OLED screen no longer need a backlight module, so it can be made thinner in thickness. Moreover, OLED also has a wide color gamut, almost infinite contrast, extremely high response speed, flexibility, power saving, etc., so it is also called the "fantasy display technology".

Moreover, due to the self-illuminating characteristics, the OLED screen can be completely non-illuminated when displaying black, and the LCD still needs the backlight to operate in the background even when displaying black. The most direct effect of this mechanism is that the OLED screen can display the perfect picture contrast, and the display will be more vivid and real.

What is the OLED display?

The most direct comparison is that if you put a Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 together, you will find that although the iPhone 7 display is good enough, the Galaxy S8 with OLED screen is still better.

Moreover, the OLED screen can be made into a curved screen. The reason why the Samsung S8 is a curved screen is because of the OLED screen, and the LCD screen does not support bending due to the characteristics of the liquid crystal. Another point is that Apple chooses to adopt OLED. Perhaps the reason for the screen is that the current in-screen fingerprint recognition technology only supports the OLED screen, because the screen of the fingerprint in the screen can be done together with the screen cable.

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