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Will OLED lighting in the future ban LED lighting?

Will OLED lighting in the future ban LED lighting?

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At present, the development of LED lighting is in the ascendant, becoming the third generation of light source after incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps.

OLED lighting and LED lighting belong to the same green semiconductor lighting technology, which has the advantages of high efficiency, long life, no toxic and harmful substances such as mercury, no ultraviolet infrared radiation, and environmental protection. At present, the international consensus is that the development of OLED lighting technology probably lags behind LED lighting technology for about two years.

From the characteristics of the products and the current level of technological development, we believe that in the future for a long time, OLED lighting and LED lighting will form a complementary relationship: LEDs are more focused on the characteristics of point light sources, while OLEDs focus on flat lighting. Application, the two play their own characteristics, and shine in different application areas.

From the perspective of light source characteristics, OLED and LED belong to the same category of semiconductor lighting, and have similar electrical characteristics, which can be considered in the lighting design to form a colorful lighting world.

Will OLED lighting in the future ban LED lighting?

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