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What are the main advantages of oled products?

What are the main advantages of oled products?

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Traditional incandescent lamps are quickly replaced by led lighting products because they are not environmentally friendly and harmful to our body. With the rapid development of technology, today's LED lighting products are faced with being replaced by oled products. What are the competitive advantages? Or listen to the Tuowei professional to give you an analysis.

1. The oled product is described as a whole with an organic light emitting diode, and has self-luminous characteristics, and its construction volume is small.

2, the thickness is thinner, so the quality is lighter, only one-third of the lcd screen.

3, seismic and durability performance is outstanding, so do not shoot.

4, dim view angle is large, viewing face is still not a big angle of view.

5, the production process is very simple, and the cost is not high.

6, the response speed is fast, the motion picture will never appear smear phenomenon.

7, its working range is very wide, can be applied in the range of 40 degrees below zero to 75 degrees above zero.

8, flexible features can support a variety of shapes of the display.

Formally because of the many advantages of oled products to win the market's good reputation, so the sales of products continue to increase, led products gradually show the trend of being replaced by oled products, and the development of innovative technology, fierce competition stimulates more Enterprises continue to develop more advanced technology products, and continue to bring more choices to the market and promote the healthy development of enterprises.

What are the main advantages of oled products?

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