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Mobile phone screen: Is the OLED screen good, or is the LCD screen good?

Mobile phone screen: Is the OLED screen good, or is the LCD screen good?

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For mobile phones, I believe that everyone is no stranger. The quality of a mobile phone is good and bad. Presumably, in addition to performance considerations, the most important thing is the screen. It can be said that the screen is a window for people to communicate with, and the quality of the screen is also determined. The quality of mobile phones, mobile phone screens on the market are divided into OLED screens and LCD screens . So what is the best of these two screens?

Mobile phone screen: Is the OLED screen good, or is the LCD screen good?

But with the maturity of OLED technology, Samsung screens are used by many manufacturers, such as one plus, Meizu, OPPO and so on. Even the iPhone8, which is rumored to be released soon, will use Samsung's OLED screen . It can be said that OLED is the future trend. Why is OLED so popular now?

Advantage 1: Thin and light. The thinness of the mobile phone can be said to be the trend of the times. It takes a lot of effort for the manufacturer to make the mobile phone thin and light. For example, cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole, compress the board space, etc. The same OLED screen advantage is thin: look at this thickness, at a glance.

Advantage 2: Bending performance. OLED's screen and LCD structure are different, OLED screen bending performance is very good, so Samsung S7E and S8 can be greatly bent, while LCD screen bending performance is limited, curved LCD screen intelligence on the TV or display.

Advantage 3: High contrast. Since the pure black of the OLED does not emit light, the OLED screen is blacker, has a higher contrast, and is more power efficient.

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