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Compared with OLED display and LED display, which one has advantages

Compared with OLED display and LED display, which one has advantages

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Most of us now use LED display screens, LED display screens, and a kind of OLED display , which is a new product, which is now widely used. Then, OLED technology and LED technology have advantages. As long as it is clearer than a little, the following is a small introduction for everyone.

Compared with OLED display and LED display, which one has advantages

Comparison of OLED display and LED display

A typical LED display may have a lot of blue light, which many consumers dislike because it can harm our body and harm our health. The LED display is likely to reduce everyone's sleep. The light emitted by the OLED display is soft, making the eyes comfortable, and many consumers prefer this product.

Advantages of OLED display

The OLED display is a piece of organic material sandwiched between the currents of the two electrodes. OLEDs can self-illuminate, using ultra-thin organic materials. When current is passed, the materials used to make the OLEDs will illuminate and save power. The OLED material is very soft, which makes it easier to mount on a desk lamp. Today's OLED technology surpasses TV and mobile phones, and many OLED manufacturers are inventing more products for everyone to use.

It is reported that most of the OLED display lamps are used for student learning and convenience, and the eye irritation is very low. Therefore, for students, it is more important to buy a suitable display screen, and this display screen stimulates the eyes. The role is very small, so gradually replace the LED display, becoming the first choice for future displays.

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