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Is it harmful to the eyes?

Is it harmful to the eyes?

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The OLED screen is also a type of LCD screen , so it does not cause eye damage. OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes, also known as organic electro-laser displays, have been widely used in players since 2003 because of their slimness and power-saving characteristics. For DCs that are also digital products. With mobile phones, engineering samples using OLED screens have only been shown at some exhibitions, and have not yet entered the stage of practical application.

The OLED screen of the mobile phone has been seen for a long time, and is it harmful to the eyes?

But OLED screens have many advantages that LCDs can't match, so it has always been favored by the industry. Unlike traditional LCD displays, OLED display technology eliminates the need for backlights and uses very thin organic coatings and glass substrates that illuminate when current is passed through. And OLED display screen can be made lighter and thinner, larger viewing angle, and can significantly save power.

At present, in the two major technical systems of OLED, low-molecular OLED technology is mastered in Japan, and the so-called OEL of polymer PLEDLG mobile phone is this system. The technology and patents are controlled by the British technology company CDT.


The display unit of each OLED can be controlled to produce three different colors of light. Like LCDs, OLEDs are also active and passive. The unit selected by the row and column address in the passive mode is lit. In the active mode, there is a thin film transistor (TFT) behind the OLED unit, and the light emitting unit is lit under the TFT driving. Active OLEDs are more power efficient, but passive OLEDs offer better performance.

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