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The development and application of OLED in the market

The development and application of OLED in the market

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Nowadays, we are using more and more things, and more and more complicated. Many things need to be innovated by ourselves. Nowadays, OLED applications are very extensive. For example, table lamps, mobile phones, MP3s, etc., are also very demanding for our daily life. helpful. So what is the development and application of OLED in the market? Let Tuo Xiaobian give you a one-by-one explanation.

The development and application of OLED in the market

Industrial capacity

Samsung is now experimenting with new technology developments, and recently developed OLED TVs are also being sold. It is understood that this year Samsung has a production capacity of 1.5 million OLEDs. This year, this value will be doubled to 3 million. Who says OLED TV can't do this is a wrong conclusion.

Taiwan’s technology is also very advanced

A technology company in Taiwan is a better company in Taiwan and a company with the strongest product development and production capacity. A technology company is also working with large foreign manufacturers, and in terms of production, second only to Japan's second professional OLED manufacturer, now the technology company is one of the best OLED companies in the world.

Nowadays, OLED companies are more and more developed, which have a huge effect on people's daily life. Nowadays, the research on OLED on the mainland is divided into several factions:

First, academics, such as some national key universities.

Second, there are research companies working on OLEDs.

Third, the acquisition party, for example, some companies will buy OLED products from abroad.

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