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What does LED Blu-ray overflow mean?

What does LED Blu-ray overflow mean?

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What does ED Blu-ray overflow mean?

Studies have shown that China is now one of the world's largest LED producers. However, some medical experts have raised concerns that many LEDs in the market have blue light overflow problems. In the long run, the human eye will have irreversible damage. Dr. Zhang Shanduan, deputy director of the Institute of Electric Light Sources at Fudan University, believes that there is a recent example of blue light damage, that is, the blue light of the Yuba lamp caused a baby's eyes in Xi'an to be burned, leading to blindness. He identified a national standard called "Photobiosafety of Lights and Light Systems", and a chapter dedicated to blue light hazards and quantitative calculations. He showed that the shocking thing, this is only the recommended standard, there is no mandatory requirement for the manufacturer. Today, there is basically no threshold for entering the LED industry. Especially in the downstream manufacturers of assembled lamps, a large part of the couple shop underground workshop, needless to say the volume control system. The industry is arguing whether there is a need for mandatory photobiosafety testing of LED luminaires.

Avoid blue light damage, need to pay attention to what

The so-called color temperature is the standard for weighing the light color of the light source. The low color temperature is the warm light we usually say, with more red components and less blue components. For the blue-colored cool light, the color temperature is relatively high. In our daily light source, the color temperature of the candle is 2000K, the incandescent lamp is about 3000K, the morning sun is 4400K, and at noon it is 5600K. Yu Anqi, a senior engineer and chairman of the Shanghai Lighting Society, said that people are most ideal to cater to the laws of nature at different times of the day. However, the LED lights on the market are generally high in color temperature, which has an adverse effect on the human body clock.

What does LED Blu-ray overflow mean?

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